Political Will: Preserve Liberty or Go Home

In this newsletter, I discuss the need for political will to preserve liberty in Texas and D.C. so that we have more opportunities to let people prosper.

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I hope you’re well. Another busy couple of weeks since my last newsletter. Thank you for hanging with me as we discuss what’s been going on and what we can do to abide by my motto: Free-market capitalism best lets people prosper! And please subscribe here if you haven’t yet. And don’t miss my latest commentaries here.

  • Personal take: My oldest son turned 7 years old recently. My wife and I created email addresses for both of our boys when they were born and we email them often, including this newsletter, to update them on what’s going on. Now that we’ve been sending our oldest different emails for 7 years, it’s remarkable to go back and read them. He is a bright, athletic, inquisitive, and handsome boy who is God-fearing and very kind. We’re blessed to have such an amazing child, another son who will soon be 4 in October, and a new girl who should be here in April 2021, which we had the first ultrasound this week and she is looking great! I’ve also been finding ways to help my mom who lives in Houston and having some health issues, but I’m happy to report that she seems to be doing better. God is good…all the time.

  • Hot take: We finally have a quorum in the Texas House so things are starting to move forward! This is good news for Texans and they are looking to pass SB 1, which has been the main point of contention that makes it easier to vote while removing fraudulent voting activity in Texas. I’m hopeful that there will be additional quality bills passed this session, particularly those that will actually lower property tax bills for millions of Texans. Time is ticking for these sorts of efforts to be completed so there needs to be the political will to go big!

Now for the latest on the economic & fiscal situations in Texas, D.C., and COVID.




Closing Thoughts

Excellent quote by one of my favorite presidents, Thomas Jefferson:

My prayers this week are focused on the following verse:

Thank you for reading this newsletter and sharing it with your network. I pray that we know every day that God has our back. Many blessings to you and yours, and have a prosperous week.


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