Return to Work: Capitalism Works Best and Dems Disrupt Prosperity in Texas

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  • If you haven’t yet, please vote by July 18 for TPPF in the State Policy Network awards for Biggest Home State Win regarding the Conservative Texas Budget and for Communications Excellence Award for Expanding Your Audience.

  • We had a blast in the San Antonio area for Independence Day and a couple of days thereafter. We visited the SA Zoo, Aquarium, Riverwalk, and Sea World. It was great to spend some much-needed time with the family and make more memories. These are the things that provide me much satisfaction in this blessed existence we call life.

  • It’s been hectic around Austin, Texas (I reside about 20 miles north in Round Rock as I don’t want to live in the People’s Republic of Austin) since the 87th Texas Legislature’s first special session started on July 8th and then essentially came to a halt when many Democrats ran to D.C. on July 12th to avoid confronting the fact that Texans want improved elections. Oh, and Texans by a 2-to-1 margin oppose this type of behavior from their elected officials. My colleague Chuck DeVore published a nice piece on what’s going on here at Fox News:

  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said that he will continue calling special sessions, which last 30 days unless the items are completed earlier or leadership ends it early until the 11 items on the call are addressed. This means that it could be a very long year and a half until the next regular session starts in January 2023. Fortunately, one of the key items on the list of items called by the Governor is property tax relief whereby TPPF has been working diligently to cut property tax bills, which TPPF outlines in a paper to be released on Tuesday, July 20 with options of either a redesign, buydown, or some combination. Unfortunately, the Democrats are keeping this sort of relief for Texans unachievable until they do their duty and show up for work.

Let’s get to the economic and fiscal situations in Texas and D.C.



  • Here’s my recent interview on NTD News noting how government action leads to increased income and wealth inequality, not free markets.


Here is a summary of the latest in the COVID-19 situation in Texas as of 6/20/2021.

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Here is a great quote by one of my favorite economists: 

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