Texas Legislature Sine Die: Much Winning But Incomplete

In this newsletter, I discuss the details of the 87th Texas Legislature, the Responsible American Budget, irresponsible Biden budget, jobs reports & inflation, and much more to let people prosper.

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As always, my motto: Free-market capitalism best lets people prosper!

Before I get into the latest economic and fiscal issues, please take some time to read part of my testimony of God bringing me to where I am today. May 25th was the 19-year anniversary of the turning point in my life. Read my write-up on it at this tweet.

After the legislative session, I had a nice relaxing time with the family! It’s been a trying few months, but there’s nothing like spending time with family—even if fishing is a bit frustrating. HA!

Now let’s get to the economic and fiscal situations in Texas and D.C.


Big News in Texas

Testimony & Key Legislation Before the Texas Legislature

Here are TPPF’s top five wins in an incomplete session because of Democrats leaving early before key legislation like election integrity, bail reform, taxpayer-funded lobbying, and preempting local labor laws that may be addressed in a special session to bring even MORE WINS! See the fiscal wins here (these were huge wins!).

Texas passed key bills to provide property tax relief.

Texas also passed key bills that help improve the livelihoods of Texans as promoted by TPPF’s Opportunity Project.



Closing Thoughts

This is essential when considering policy changes (more on Sowell):

My prayers this week are focused on the following verse:

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